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We are all born to live in complete harmony with one another, Nature and all creatures. In complete happiness and good health here on our dear Earth.

OWNly is all about people living in a clean and happy Environment and, unknown to us, as our neighbors in SARGA- the KOSSMOSS. SAHAM is miraculously transported to their world and is witness to a beautiful and blissful world, devoid of disasters and distress.

It showcases the beliefs and practices of a wonderful people which enable heavenly living here on Earth.

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JS RaviChandra

Practice of Law should have been the obvious and easy choice for me as my parents wanted me to join them in their highly successful and reputed Law office, started in the 1930’s by my grandmother.

I chose to become a Lecturer of History in my alma mater, the Sri Sathya Sai Arts and Science College at Whitefield, Bengaluru, now part of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, a Deemed University, where I taught for nearly three years.

Later, I entered the building profession and completed several residential and commercial projects in a few cities.

All my adult life, I have wondered what our earth and lives would have been like if humanity had shown the due reverence to Nature and lived with gratitude rather than greed.

I visualised a wonderful world where all live in complete happiness, good health and harmony.

For a long time, I entertained the idea of making a movie about a boy who is miraculously transported to such a world. He is wonder-struck and in awe there. I wanted to make a movie with all the masala movies today are made of.

The year 2020 changed all that. Sitting at home prompted me to think of the values and morals which would enable civilisation of the highest order. Wisdom of the Ages leading to and sustaining the Age of Wisdom.

Where we progress from considering the world as our oyster to becoming the oysters for the world. Here it is now, in this form, an offering to the children in every home and to the child in every adult.

One With Nature